Want a Nice Website? [WordPress]

Would You Agree That A Mobile SEO Strategy Would Increase Revenue?

Every business wants a beautiful website to promote their business. Luckily enough D.Peaocck Studios offers customers a WordPress website and Google SEO Strategy at reasonable prices. Since most people think they can do things their-self, but little do they know the process of building a WordPress website that looks professional, however only professional web designer know the process of building a site, search engine optimization, and performance, but don’t understand the math behind a professional website. This blog article will disuse the process that D.Peacock Studios uses to build a professional have an SEO Mobile Strategy for a business.

Website Strategy Process

The first step of the process is understanding Google Keyword Data for your business. At D.Peacock Studios we start with reviewing and gathering keyword data with the highest search, lowest completion rate and with the Google Trend’s data.

After gathering the data, the next step is to organize the data and map the website out with wire-framing with focus on mobile SEO strategy. The next set to gather the images with SEO keywords making sure that the business looks like what the keywords so that the end user will be able to know what they are looking at with having to read too much.

Building a Still Image Wireframe

Next process we use at D.Peacock Studios for the SEO Mobile Strategy is building a still image comp in photoshop with function notes so that our developer will know how to program the site for maximum performance and cost-effective during development.

Once the client’s website is map out the comps, we start the process of coding and placing images, SEO Keywords and performance for mobile use. The website must load on a mobile phone no more than three seconds.

Final Process of Website Design

The final process is testing and updating content. We spend as much time as needed to ensure that the site is running at peak performance. If your business needs help with a Mobile SEO WordPress Website Strategy contact us at D.Peacock Studios Today