Physical Therapy Pros is an EMG Testing and Physical Therapy practice in Snellville, GA. We develop a Google SEO strategy, design custom corporate identity, re-designed the website to fit the keywords.

The Google Strategy focuses on four main keywords:
EMG Testing, Physical Therapy, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome pain relief. Before hiring us to strategize there wasn’t an easy way for someone who was looking for injury pain relief to find Physical Therapy Pros on the internet.

Dr. David Gore is a psychologist practicing Alpharetta, GA. We re-designed his corporate website using html5, made it mobile-friendly using the Bootstrap4 framework on a WordPress site and optimized the images and content to improve the site’s load time. Dr. Gore’s goal was to integrate his growing social media audience into his website. His WordPress blog is optimized to push to multiple social media channels and by integrating SEO keyword research and competition analysis, we dramatically improved his search results.

A case study in branding for a local printing shop. We provided brand name research, mobile-first website design, and search engine optimization. We designed the logo, emphasis on simplicity and color. We facilitated mobile-friendly e-commerce (with Woocommerce,) made the site mobile friendly with a Bootstrap4 framework on a WordPress site and optimized images and content to speed-up load time. Accomplishments: first page of Google search for keywords “Local print shop Atlanta, “ Cheap flyer printing Atlanta” and “Magazine printing services Atlanta.” 90,000 hits to the site in under two years.