Mobile SEO Strategy

Would You Agree That A Mobile SEO Strategy Would Increase Revenue?

Mobile SEO Strategy

Mobile Traffic Vs Desktop

We know today that a business must focus on mobile traffic. When a business has a well planned SEO strategy, their online platforms are way more beneficial to Google and other search engines. If your business has a brick and mortar, then mobile SEO strategy is needed to help customers find you more easily.

Easiest Way to Search

Easiest Way To Search

Now more than ever, we know that when people want to look something up they grab the nearest device and it’s usually their smartphone. Over our years of strategizing with, and reviewing results for, our clients the data consistently show that most visits come from a smartphone, not a laptop or desktop computer. We have also learned that clients who make contact after using a search engine are more focused and are ready to buy now.

Between desktop SEO and mobile SEO strategies

So What’s The Difference Between Desktop SEO And Mobile SEO Strategies?

Goals are often comparable, the three major themes still apply: focus on performance, user experience and content (blogging). Desktop computer browsers are focused on generalized results, whereas mobile browsers, where are mobile browsers are focused for local searches. What does that mean, you ask? Simple, a mobile browser is applying local SEO targeting so that the best local sites are being displayed for a search Keyword.

Between desktop SEO and mobile SEO strategies

So how do I make sure that my business has the best possible chance of maintaining a first-page keyword ranking?

Well, simply hire D.Peacock Studios to handle the mobile SEO Strategy, or you can do it yourself by reading my or other blogs, watching SEO strategy videos, and learn everything about how Google ranks your website. Then just integrate the strategy into the site and update platform increase performance.