SEO Strategy

We provide a brand and SEO keyword connection. We use strong analytical data from Google and other SEO tool providers to develop a Mobile SEO Strategy for your business.

    Our Process:

  • Brand SEO Strategy
  • Keyword Integration
  • SEO Strategy Management
  • Voice Search

Full-Stack Design

Atlanta Brand Identity Services

Mobile Website Design Service


D. Peacock Studios is an Atlanta based SEO Strategy and full-stack design agency. We focus on helping our clients refine their SEO keywords, connect their visual brand and deploy it effectively in the digital space. We keep it simple with Google Analytics data and always creative with authentic design. Most clients already have some visual identity, and we are comfortable working with existing brand assets to find a compelling way to optimize previous work. Connecting a strategy with the brand.

We provide a consistent look and feel to every appearance of our clients’ brand–whether it be print, website or social media–to engage your audience and convert SEO leads into sales.

Mobile Website Design Service

What We Do

We provide individualized graphic design services for use in print and screen applications. With a custom visual brand identity (or refining an existing one), our team develops a multi-tiered approach to deploying the brand.

  • Front-end UI / UX
  • Back-end dashboard management
  • Social Media integration, monitoring and updates
  • Apache server maintenance

Our web design team supports: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Ruby on Rails, Clip-Share, Woocommerce, Bootstrap4, and mobile responsive.

What We Build

* Brand Identity
* Web Experience
* Marketing Campaigns
* Content
* Video
* Storyboarding
* Business Development

What We Build


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  • VEG311
  • FlyersATL
  • Ossologix
  • SideLines Grill
  • The Armaan