Business Card Design

D.Peacock Studios

Business_CardA great business card design right can start a great first impressions for your company. Business Cards needs a great looking logo, beautiful positive colors, nice size text, texture and print professional printing. Remember a creative professional  business card design cards will leave give your services the look that people feel conferrable doing business with. 

Having a well-designed logo will give a visual and memorable interest for your business. The logo that goes on your cards should be design at 300dpi and nice size. Also, the logo should not be to close the edge where it may get cut off during printing. 1/8 inch is the standard for bleed, but I like 1/4 inch from the edge.

When design a business card I usually design the colors around the logo. If the logo is design with colors that are bright and vibrant, then I try not to use too much to make it too busy. I also like using vector graphics are transparent for corporate design, but for entertainment anything goes. Know that logos must look good in black and white and should be design 1″ x 1″ unless entertainment logo.

I personally think that when design a business card that the phone number needs to be big so that people can read it. Some people may need glasses or just can’t see very will. So making sure that the number is big enough for everyone to see it is my main thing. Another thing is your a marketer or in sales then I think your picture is good on there too.

Business_Card_backOn the back of the card I like to add my logo, a qr code for videos and a list of services so that people can see everything I do. Some design should just have additional information about your company such as philosophy of the color. Another idea is to leave it blank so you can write down notes when you give the card out.

When your done with the business card then you’ll want to print them right away. I like using 12pt and 14pt for my cards. They look and feel strong. I don’t use UV coasting on the back of my cards so that I can write on the back of the card.

If your looking for a logo, business card, flyer and/or website design, try for all your design needs.

Business Card Design