What is CSS?

What is CSS?
CSS is an important tool in web design will beneficial to your website design. CSS is Cascading Style Sheet and was created to help developers design webpages maintaining company styles. CSS allows a website layout and content to be consistent as wells as separate from the HTML doc.

CSS Professional in Atlanta, GAThere are three types of CSS
1. Internal (embed) Styles
2. Inline Styles
3. External Styles

CSS Designer in GwinnettEach of these CSS style formats allows a web page to tell a browser how to render the page. Responsive design is a new term allowing for different screen sizes. Every website has at least one style sheet to the browser default which my instruct a default rendering to a font like Times New Roman.

When looking to hire someone to help with your css needs, look at their web designs work to see if they know your content management style. Most designers will have a portfolio of website they have design. Check if they know responsive design. If you need help with your css design contact us below for a free consultation or call 678-368-3214.