The Marketing Funnel

The Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel

The traditional model of lead-to-sales management takes all inbound prospects and places them into the CRM system for sales to follow up with. On many occasions, this individual is only beginning the research cycle, and would not respond favorably to a sales call.

It is this traditional model that causes industry experts to speculate that 80% of all inbound leads never have a meaningful conversation with a sales professional.

Pardot’s Prospect Insight, a comprehensive marketing automation suite, provides a Marketing Pipeline where leads will be stored. The leads are scored, graded and nurtured until they are deemed sales ready, at which point they will be passed to the Sales Pipeline (CRM) as a lead.

This new model of lead-to-sales management, which uses a marketing funnel for lead nurturing to pass only select leads to the CRM system, serves to:

l Provide warm leads so that sales can focus on the hottest prospects