Social Media Marketing Atlanta GA


Today many companies are moving from a traditional marketing to a social media marketing to maximize the marketing dollar. Online social networks are a great avenue for developing an advertising and promotion campaign for a business product or service. All at an affordable rate. This way of promotion will cut a company’s printed marketing cost, exposure cuts, and lead buyers to the website for purchase.

During a promotional campaign, a company may advertise using print, TV, and web media to get the message across to the general public. However, the mass advertising methods such as magazines, newsletters, flyers, posters, brochures, and direct mail are high in cost with a low return. Luckily today, social media gives companies new avenues to market at a much cheaper cost with much more exposure rate, plus it can be tracked using view and commons.

This is done with by designing a social media marketing campaign that uses social networks such as MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Each site is designed for a reason must be used correctly. Out of all of these sites, Youtube is the second largest search engine next to Google, but for video. However, Google loves MySpace Blogging thus making the blogging feature the best which always goes to the top of the search engine fast without using pinging this blog.

As far as marketing, I have personally found that Myspace is the best marketing tool. I know people who are using the social network to making money by selling products and services. All you have to do to is add a Paypal button to your page and start collecting money. These businesses include graphic artist, music industry, book authors, t-shirts/clothes companies, and other businesses. Myspace allows a lot more features than other social networks and is the best for tracking who is doing what. One last common on Myspace. I know of people who have made millions using Myspace and Youtube. As of today, I don’t know of anyone else who have made millions using other social networks.

As for using Facebook, I haven’t seen any profit or benefit from it. There may be, but it doesn’t seem to give more ability to a marketer that is needed. Nor I have seen my posting on a Google search engine. Why it’s a microblogging system which is only good for quick exposure because of the RSS feeds that everyone is using. I do see the tagging system being beneficial if used correctly. But now Facebook is offering a new business feature that will be a great virile marketing. I do know that 30% of 50 yr old women are using Facebook which can be useful. Also, people using Facebook tend to be college educated and make $45,000+ a year. I will talk about the shift I am seeing with Facebook in another blog.

Twitter, ok this is just a social network that is best used with your cell phone and direct visitors to your blog. I do see a use for it directing followers to find out more about what you are doing. That’s because I found myself clicking on the links then being directed to the blogs. Also, the older market seems to enjoy the simple design and use of the site.

Thank you and have a blessed day!
Derek Peacock