Small Business Website Design

Kennection Installation Brand Idendity

Atlanta Corporate Website Design Company

Website Features

  • WordPress
  • Web Design (UI Flat Responsive)
  • Bootstrop
  • HTML5 Video Background
  • Mobile Friendly
  • PDF
  • Graphic Design
  • User friendly
  • Website Management and Maintenance

Wordpress CMS, HTML5 Banner, Bootstrap Javascript Mobile Responsive Design with powerful blogging features. Photography, photo editing, graphic design and website updates.

We develop the site first by gathering job requirements. Next, we develop a wireframe showing the map of the site. This helps us gain more knowledge about the user experience to combine the functionality/layout and gain feedback.

Logo Design

Kennection Installations branding project to develop a very simple company identity focus on experience in the business. We started by designing the logo. After gathering the job requirements we started to design some ideas. Below is what we came up with

Once logo design idea was approved, we then started to color and clean the logo design.

Client approved the idea and the final approved.

logo Design for Installation Companies Atlanta