5 Logo Design Trends for 2018

5 Logo Design Trends for 2018 – A logo is the face of a business and also a symbol of the business brand 2018 logo design trends is the style that feels fresh, relevant, and the face of the brand.

Below are 5 Logo Design Trends for 2018:

1. Versatility – Image Through Context

A logo designer must create pleasing designs and have an understanding of contexts. Versatile logo designs might be applied easily to posters, business cards, signs, installations, advertisements, and packaging. Below are some examples of this logo design trend.


2. Architectural Inspiration

Architectural inspiration logo design is based on an architectural design which is gaining in popularity in a clever way. Using the physical space for creating a brand identity like Starbucks and Apple gives the same “feeling” as in print into the digital world. Today’s graphic designers are creating new ways to capture architectural landmarks looks that is already incorporated into a brand’s concept.

Architectural Inspiration Logo DesignLogo design by yukii for Barnegat Oyster Co.

3. Fun – Full of Energy and Creative Vibe Logo Design

For logos trends in 2018 – logos are now supposed to be fun! Fun logos will sell everything. Fun logos are hard to resist because they are designed with bright colors, creative typography, and inspiring illustrations.

Fun - Full of Energy and Creative Vibe Logo Designvia Bedow.

4. Extreme Metaphors

Metaphors have been around for a long time. Their ever-clever ability to reach curious customers have to give a creative exploration in design. Recently, metaphors have caused logo designs to have a focal point of creative exploration. In 2018 Metaphor logo designers are going to push metaphors to the extreme, with clever and thoughtful concepts giving more depth to a company logo.

Extreme Metaphors Logo DesignThe pathways of the body logo by Arthean.

5. Experimental Typography Design

Could it be that old-style sans serif typography is going to be experimental? I think YES. I believe that today’s logo designers are going to use new typographic shapes with experimental modification font typefaces. Designers will be using photographic and/or illustrative techniques this year along with innovative logo idea concepts.

Extreme Metaphors Logo DesignsLogo with echo effect by HeART.

5 Logo Design Trends for 2018
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5 Logo Design Trends for 2018
5 Logo Design Trends for 2018:
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