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Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing

Profile Management
Contest Management
Advertising Management
Social e-Commerce
Branded Content
Channel Planning
Content Creation

Starter $99/month

Facebook Like Page 4 Post per month
Twitter Account 4 Post per month
Linkedin 4 Post per month
Message/feedback support

Gear $199/month

Facebook Like Page 8 Posts per month
Twitter Account 8 posts per month
Linkedin 8 Posts per month
Google+ Pages 2 Posts per month
Message/feedback suppor

Socialite $399/month

Facebook Like Page 10 Posts per month
Twitter Account 10 posts per month
Linkedin 10 Posts per monthGoogle+ Pages 6 Posts per month
Pinterest 4 Posts per month
YouTube 4 Posts per month
Yelp – Feedback Support
Complete Report
Message/feedback support

Celebrity $599/month

Facebook Like Page 12 Posts per month
Email opt-in App
Coupon App
Twitter Account 12 posts per month
Linkedin 12 Posts per monthGoogle+ Pages 8 Posts per month
Pinterest 8 Posts per month
YouTube 6 Posts per month
Foursqaure 2 Posts per month
Yelp – Feedback Support
Complete Report
Message/feedback support

Monthly social media management packages by D.Peacock allows for postings, updates, feedback support and page interaction. Contact us today for social media marketing strategies campaigns and pricing.